Book Review ‘Time Travelers Wife’.

Author:Audrey Niffenegger

I really enjoyed reading this book because it is an extraordinary love story of two people- one of them being a time traveler! This book is like a modern fairy tale that is such a joy to read and you can’t put it down.

This love story is of Clare and Henry who met when Clare was six and Henry was thirty six,  they were married when Clare was twenty two and when Henry was thirty. This is obviously impossible but Henry has a rare condition which allows himself to time travel into either his past or future. He can niether prevent or control his power which makes him and Clare struggle to lead normal lives.

My favorite character is Clare because she is full of energy even though she cannot control her life and her husband is never there because he is with her younger self in the meadow where they first met or in the future.

Star Rating: I give this book a 5 star rating because it was such an enjoyable read and provides a visceral thrill that not many books i have read provide. It was a truly original book that stayed on the best seller list for weeks and was later made into a film.

I would strongly recommend this book because it will fill you with awe and will also break your heart.

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the other hand book review

book: The Other Hand.

author: Chris Cleave

This book was shortlisted for the 2008 Costa novel award.

I have not yet finished reading this book but so far it has been a delightful read. I am hooked to this book and wont put it down unless i absolutely have to. Chris Cleave has set this book into two sections; one of the sections is the story account of an african immigrant called ‘little bee’ and the other section is about a wealthy english women called’ sarah o’rouke’.

“this is a story of two women. their lives collide one fateful day, one of the women must make a terrible choice, two years later they meet again – the story starts here……..”

the first chapter is about Little Bee- she is an african imigrant who is just about to be released from an immigration detention unit in essex. in this chapter she is describing the unit and how she got there. when she leaves she calls for a taxi to take her to andrews house. andrew is married to Sarah.

in the next paragraph Sarah is told her husband Andrew had committed suicide……… read the book to unravel the mystery’s.

my favourtite character was ‘little bee’ because she was very supportive of  ‘sarah’ and she seems like a really nice person.  watch the video for a more detailed insight of the book and the author Chris Cleave’s interview of the book.

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“Dear Olly” book review by Laura Burns

book: Dear Olly

Author: Michael MorpurgoFront Cover

At first when i started to read this book it took me a while to get into it but by the end i loved it to bits and would read it over and over again.

This book is about a boy called Matt, his sister Olly and her mother. Matt finally got the vet job he had been waiting for, but decides to be a clown in Africa because he wanted to make a difference to the childrens lives in Africa by making them laugh, his family were very sad and try and stop him but still he goes. He tells his sister to take care of the a family of swallows he was looking after in the shed. This book tells three stories all revolving around Matt, the three stories are in the minds and opinions of Olly, Hero (which is one of the swallows) and Matt’s story. I found this book very sad but overall i loved it and would recommend to everyone!

star rating:  

I gave this book a 4 star because the three separate stories are woven into one powerful and moving novel whose central theme is to expose the horrors of war and of landmines.

My favorite character in this book is Matt because he risked his life to save all the African children. He is a loving caring boy who although ignored his family and was a bit ungrateful for the education he was given, he still put others lives first which is why he is my favorite character.

overall i thought this was a wonderful but sad book and i love Michael Morpurgo because he is such a talented righter who has a gift that deserves to be shared. REAAD THIISS BOOOOK!!! 🙂

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